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Branding is really all about communication - with the market, with targeted customers, with competitors.

  • A brand sets a company's position in the marketplace - is it exclusive, mainstream or mid-market?
  • brand expresses a company's core message and values.
  • A brand defines benefits.
  • A brand sets quality perception and creates for the customer "perceived value" meaning that in most cases the brand is the parameter by which the buyer measures whether the product is worth the price being asked.

A brand is extremely important not only for consumer products and publicly traded companies, but really for every company. Tudog helps companies decide not only what their brand should be, but also how to execute the program that establishes the brand.

Service Delivered:

Value Clarification

Tudog works with your company to understand the values that are embraced by your primary markets and how those values can be sincerely incorporated into your operations to demonstrate solidarity and establish a bond.

Message Development

Tudog develops a series of messages that can be communicated to the primary markets (through existing channels) to establish the brand message.

Image Creation

Tudog creates a series of images that work to further the message.

Integration of Components

Tudog integrates the message and the images into a complete branding statement.

Branding Campaign

Tudog establishes an comprehensive, integrated plan of action to broadcast the branding statement to the primary markets.


A Tudog branding program defines your company to the world. It allows you to establish as a market parameter your benefits while creating a binding set of values that your company comes to own in the minds of your customers. With branding you create a bond, a relationship with your customers that ensures they continue to purchase loyally from your company.


The Tudog Branding Paradigm is divided into 6 Phases. They are:

Phase One: Understanding Stakeholder Needs & Wants

The identification of the company's markets, who is primary within those markets, & what "relationship" the company needs to establish and what proposition it needs to make in order to establish and sustain the brand. Different stakeholder groups will define the brand differently, and so the brand needs to "find the way" to speak to each group.

Phase Two: Opportunity Modeling

The brand will require positioning within the market - across from the consumer and against competing products. An analysis is required to determine where the opportunities lie with consumers and against competitors. The core components of this stage are (a) relevance, (b) differentiation, (c) credibility, and (d) stretch (brand extension potential).

Phase Three: Brand Platform

The construction of the foundation that enables the brand to survive and thrive regardless of competitive dynamics.

Phase Four: Brand Identity

The name and appearance of the brand, as well as the characteristics and value associations established.

Phase Five: Brand Architecture

The link between the brand and the business, product lines and product brands. Creates value by clarifying the branding on all levels, including (a) needs & priorities of targeted market, (b) the offering and value proposition, (c) the pricing, (d) the extension of equity between company, brand and sub-brands, and (e) making the brand strategy credible. The architecture can include four levels of brands; (a) Master Brand, (b) Over Brand, (c) Endorsed Brand, and (d) Freestanding Brand.

Phase Six: Continuous Evaluation & Development

The brands need to be maintained and adjusted in order to remain vital and strong across from consumers and against competitors. Also, the introduction of sub-brands needs to be implemented in coordination with and consistent to the Master Brand.


Tudog presents a comprehensive proposal for all assignments, including assignment objectives, Tudog responsibilities, timetable for completion, and costs and payment schedule. Tudog delivers the highest quality customized branding programs available at a cost that is often significantly lower than competitors.

Contact us for a quote today.

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