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Marketing Audits


A marketing audit provides to a marketing department the same in-depth review and analysis of operations and efficiencies as a financial audit provides to an accounting department. Often a company's marketing can be more effective and the causes of lower -than-expected results are buried in process and procedure. An external, independent marketing audit - performed by Tudog - provides the company with a fresh view of (a) the marketing environment, (b) marketing objectives, (c) marketing strategies, and (d) marketing activities. The audit concludes with an overview of marketing strengths and weaknesses and a series of recommendations to enhance operations and improve marketing results.

Service Delivered:

The Tudog Marketing Audit delves into 8 critical aspects of a company's marketing apparatus. They are:

  1. Customer Satisfaction Indicators - does the company have in place the mechanisms and analysis capacities to accumulate and measure customer satisfaction? Are the data gathering and analysis functions working properly? Is decision making being made in conjunction with what the customer satisfaction indicators are saying?
  2. Impacting Factors - each quarter there are external influences that impact a business - both positively and negatively. Understanding the factors and their respective impacts can help a company better understand what to pursue…and what to avoid. These factors can include competitor actions that were unanticipated, changes in consumer behavior, the introduction of new technologies and other elements that can affect the performance of a marketing program.
  3. Channel Satisfaction Indicators - every company is reliant on distributors, vendors and other intermediary companies to get their products to market. Insofar as marketing is more than just raising awareness and creating interest - it is also providing the buyer with the buy opportunity - making certain that the cooperating companies are truly cooperating is a critical task. Tudog reviews channel satisfaction and gauges ways to improve performance.
  4. Company Attitude Toward Marketing - knowledge and attitude of executives and board to marketing and the centrality of marketing as the engine that drives sales (and therefore revenue).
  5. The Efficacy of the Marketing Mix - the decisions behind the marketing mix - who to target, what position to take, the price to set, and the channels for advertising - are subject to analysis and review. They are measured against the alternatives and then evaluated in accordance with the company's criteria for profitability.
  6. The Performance of Marketing Tactics - every marketing activity has a cost and it is crucial to understand the return-on-investment of each activity (and whether there actually is an ROI). This step reviews whether financial and non-financial goals of the marketing effort were achieved.
  7. Strengths & Weaknesses Overview - while identifying the strengths of the marketing can assist a company in understanding what aspects of their overall marketing effort are performing, more critical is an understanding of the weaknesses. Tudog identifies the weaknesses and provides action items and tactical adjustments to help enhance performance. Recommendations for the cessation of certain tactics are also provided when required.
  8. Brand Analysis - the company brand - and any other brands in the company's product portfolio - are required to serve the company by communicating the company (or product line) image, encouraging loyalty, and justifying price point. Tudog provides an analysis of the company's brand or brands, with recommendations for brand enhancement and expansion.


Marketing is the life blood of a company, raising awareness and creating interest in your company and its products. Engaging in marketing is a critical business activity - and it's expensive.

By knowing which tactics are performing and which are not and by gaining strong recommendations for improving tactical performance, your company gains the benefits of an improved marketing effort - better exposure and higher revenue.


The Tudog Marketing Audit is implemented in 3 phases:

Phase One: Interviews with Management and the Marketing Team

Tudog begins with a series of discussions with company management and the marketing team to gain insight into the perceptions of the role of marketing, the goals set for the marketing effort, the rationale behind the tactics used, and the overall marketing strategy (and how this strategy is supported by the company's operational apparatus).

Phase Two: Review of all Marketing

Tudog reviews all aspects of your company's marketing including advertisements, brochures, promotions, communications, packaging, corporate image, branding, and more. This review is conducted under the backdrop of the goals and objectives voiced by company marketing executives and employees.

Phase Three: Measuring Performance

Each marketing tactic is reviewed against the strategy it is supposed to advance, the goals and expectations of management and the marketing team, and its performance in the field. Each tactic is presented with recommendations for improvement.


Tudog presents a comprehensive proposal for all assignments, including assignment objectives, Tudog responsibilities, timetable for completion, and costs and payment schedule. Tudog delivers the highest quality customized audits available at a cost that is often significantly lower than competitors.

Contact us for a quote today.

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