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Marketing Plans


The rationale behind dedicating the time and funds to the development of a marketing plan is similar to that of a business plan - the process forces you to ask tough questions and discover the answers. The construction of a marketing plan goes beyond the development of a marketing strategy and the selection of tactics, serving also to define the methodologies and process that will be deployed for implementation. With a Tudog marketing plan your company is armed with a tool to launch, maintain and sustain a comprehensive, integrated marketing program.

Service Delivered:

The Tudog Marketing Plan is divided into 14 sections. They are:

  1. Executive Summary - a general overview of the foundations of the marketing plan, including products to be marketed, target markets, pricing strategies, overall marketing strategies, positioning, tactics, and costs and forecast. This section provides an overview in order to set the stage for more in-depth discussion in the body of the plan.
  2. Industry Overview - a review of the sector and business environment within which the company operates. This includes all competing products, all competitor companies, all alternative products (for same use or purpose), industry suppliers, and the regulatory environment. Critically, this section includes the position of the company within the industry or sector.
  3. Products & Markets - a review of the company's products and the markets to which the company either currently sells or wishes to sell. The review includes market perception and reception of the products and the company, as well as ways to expand presence in existing markets and penetrate new markets.
  4. Strategy - Tudog views marketing strategy as a four element process, of which a company may have all or only some of the components. The strategic components Tudog emphasizes are: (1) the price of the product and where the price positions the company with regard to both competitors and the perceived value of the product, (2) distinctive competence and the difference between the product and others satisfying the same need or want in the market, (3) Focus and the channels the company uses or could use to both disseminate its message and bring its product to market, and (4) the core and fundamental guidelines that will be used as the foundation of the company's marketing effort.
  5. Tactics - an overview of tactics, such as web based activity, advertising, public relations, billboards, fliers, and others to be used by the company, and the channels through which they will be deployed.
  6. Positioning - how the company needs to position itself and its products within the broader market in order to execute effective marketing and grow its customer base. The core of positioning rests on the value proposition the company seeks to make to its customers and the relationship between the cost of the product and its perceived value.
  7. Pricing - the price the company can (and should) charge for its product/service that will allow for consistency with the company's position while maximizing revenue. This section includes pricing options including bundling, promotions, and other price related marketing devices.
  8. Packaging - a review of the company's packaging, including use of packaging to communicate, use of packaging to invite interest, use of packaging to encourage placement and exposure and convenience of packaging. Importantly, packaging is also viewed to make certain it is consistent with the company's position and the value perception the company seeks to promote.
  9. Message - an overview of what the company says, who it says it to, where it says it, and when it says it. What a company says about itself, to whom, where and when are the fundamentals of marketing. Tudog makes sure you are saying the right thing to the right people at the right time and in a place they are most likely to view as credible (making it more receptive).
  10. Branding - the company's brand drives its image and its relationship with its customers. The brand developed and sustained is an extension of the company's marketing plan and what it seeks to accomplish in the broader market arena. Tudog assists in fine-tuning the brand and constructing marketing mechanisms to establish a brand.
  11. Channels - within the scope of the marketing plan the concept of channels is addressed in two separate ways - (1) with regard to the channels through which the company will raise awareness and create interest (such as advertising channels), and (2) the channels through which the company will bring its products to market (such as VARS or logistic companies).
  12. Distribution - the marketing plan includes a section on the marketing-chain or the path through which the product reaches market. In some cases the distribution is the sole responsibility of the company and sometimes it is shared with a third party.
  13. Measurement - nothing is more critical to a successful marketing plan than the criteria with which its success will be measured. The faster a company knows which marketing strategies and tactics are working and which ones are not, the faster it can make adjustments and maximize the potential of its marketing.
  14. Forecast - judging the success of marketing is a function of expectation and expectations need to be realistic yet ambitious. By including a forecast, Tudog enables the company to understand what results it can expect and how to determine if its marketing effort is performing up to par.


A Tudog marketing plan is a roadmap to marketing success. Without a marketing plan your marketing may be reactive instead of proactive and your revenue potential may be less expansive than it could be.


The Tudog Marketing Plan is implemented in 4 phases:

Phase One: Interviews with Management and the Marketing Team

Tudog assists in fine-tuning the company's marketing and constructing marketing mechanisms to establish a comprehensive, integrated marketing plan. Through discussions with company management and the marketing team Tudog learns the perceptions of the role of marketing, the goals set for the marketing effort, the rationale behind the strategies set, and the ideas for tactical implementation.

Phase Two: Composition of the Marketing Plan

Tudog composes the marketing plan.

Phase Three: Review of Draft

The marketing plan, once completed, is distributed to any and all company employees management designates. Each person is asked to read the plan carefully and make not of all suggested changes, questions and new ideas (generated by the plan but not included in the plan). Tudog then meets with all the participants and discusses all recommendations for changes. At the end of the meeting, the exact changes to be incorporated into the final document are agreed upon.

Phase Four: Composition of Final Document

Tudog composes the final version of the marketing plan.


Tudog presents a comprehensive proposal for all assignments, including assignment objectives, Tudog responsibilities, timetable for completion, and costs and payment schedule. Tudog delivers the highest quality customized audits available at a cost that is often significantly lower than competitors.

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