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Tudog International

Tudog International, a Tudog Group project, assists U.S. companies successfully penetrate and sustain profitable operations in overseas markets. The Tudog Process includes understanding the market, formulating a strategy, implementing tactics, developing partnerships, and generating large volume sales. Tudog has developed a proprietary methodology that serves to accelerate the market penetration process and yield significantly better results.

Tudog International offers a market tested system for maximizing your company's business presence in overseas markets and offers extremely cost effective service packages, allowing your company to get its start - or grow its existing operations - in overseas markets.

Tudog International has developed a proprietary method for the successful commercial entry into foreign markets. This system is divided into three distinctive phases, each designed to provide companies with the knowledge, skills, relationships, and infrastructure necessary to successfully enter and operate in the targeted foreign marketplace.

Phase One - Preparation to Enter the Market

Tudog International does not support wasting time or money. The first phase of entering a foreign market must permit for the strategic review of a company's prospects and give the company the strategic and communication tools it needs to succeed.

The most urgent task for a company contemplating entering a foreign marketplace is gaining a strategic understanding of the market so that the penetration strategy can be planned and developed based on critical, accurate information. Tudog International's Phase One provides companies with the business intelligence necessary to engage in constructive decision making, as well as the analysis for planning, and the core themes of the company's foreign based marketing communications. These three crucial elements are essential to every new market penetration effort.

Phase Two - Engage the Market & Begin Selling

The Tudog Group has 16 years experience helping U.S. companies enter foreign markets. The second phase transfers all the tactical and operational expertise Tudog has acquired, and translates it into an active sales network for our clients.

Tudog International partners every American enterprise with local operators in order to maximize potential in the new market. The challenge is not in finding prospective partners, but rather in identifying the right partners. Equally important are the systems set into place that manage distribution and sales, and the marketing mechanisms developed and activated to maintain the company's message and core market. These critical elements are essential to the maximization of every foreign market campaign.

Phase Three -Secure Market Gains and Grow Customer Base & Revenues

Tudog International is a practitioner of the "maintain and grow" business strategy, meaning that every achievement is accompanied by an action that preserves the market gain, while another action is simultaneously initiated to enhance and improve that gain and convert it to a more advanced position. The third phase is designed to stabilize and grow a company's foreign market presence.

The initial achievements of a foreign market penetration effort are to be immediately consolidated through the administration and execution of policies and practices that serve to maintain the relationships and structures created. Alongside this "sales maintenance program" must be "sales growth" efforts that continue and expand the marketing and sales campaign, improve channel efficiencies, and institute best practice formulas that drive higher sales and enhance profitability.

Contact Tudog International now for more information or to begin your path to profitably operating in foreign markets.

Power Advisors

Large and medium sized enterprises have a tremendous advantage in the marketplace because they have the financial resources to acquire expertise and new ideas by hiring consultants on a regular basis. Power Advisors evens the playing field by providing small companies with affordable access to expertise and ideas.

Power Advisors is a Tudog operated subsidiary that enables small companies to gain the benefit of Tudog's recommendations at a price that meets their restricted budgets.

Power Advisors is a knowledge and support subscription based service that offers small businesses review and recommendations for enhancement and improvement of documents, advertisements, press releases and other critical business and marketing elements necessary to sustain and grow a small company.

Why Join Power Advisors?

  • Whereas other advisory systems provide generic advice, the Power Advisors system allows for a two-way dialogue and the provision of advice based on the specific needs and circumstances of the client. At Power Advisors we deliver direct answers to specific questions and we provide feedback on specific documents and marketing materials.
  • The Power Advisors system allows for the development of a relationship between the client and the advisor, providing both accountability and improved insights.
  • The Power Advisor's approach permits follow up and continued assistance in the development and implementation of business activities.
  • It is easy for clients to make use of the Power Advisors system.

How Power Advisors Works?

Companies are able to subscribe to Power Advisors for only $200 a month, with a minimum 6 month commitment. Every member company is awarded full rights to the program and are free to make use of the Power Advisors system as often as it wishes.

Upon payment, members are issued a user name which awards them entry into the Power Advisors system. Members may send documents, present questions and send graphics that they wish to have reviewed and enhanced by the Tudog team of experts. Power Advisors will have all responses back to members within 48 hours.

It's as simple as that!

What does Power Advisors Include?

Small companies are often left to on their own to structure their marketing plans and create the collateral materials needed for implementation. Power Advisors puts Tudog's experience on their side, affording them unlimited access to Tudog's experts for questions and recommendations. All Power Advisors members receive:

  • An analysis of website functionality and user-friendliness
  • A Company marketing audit to measure efficacy of current tactics
  • Access to submit questions regarding maximization of web presence
  • Ability to submit collateral and marketing materials for review and enhancement recommendations
  • Access to submit a business plan for review and enhancement recommendations
  • Ability to submit a marketing plan for review and enhancement recommendations
  • Access to submit a financial budget for review and enhancement recommendations
  • Ability to submit advertisements for review and enhancement recommendations
  • Access to submit press releases for review and enhancement recommendations
  • Ability to submit questions on matters pertaining to finance and fund allocations
  • Access to submit questions on marketing related issues
  • Ability to submit questions on sales related issues
  • Access to submit questions on business development related issues
  • The opportunity to exchange emails with a professional personal coach

If you operate a small company, let Tudog be your Power Advisors - and give your company the power to grow.

Contact Power Advisors now for more information or to join.


UCanUSA is a Tudog affiliated program leveraging more than 16 years assisting non-U.S. companies enter and operate in the American market. UCanUSA has developed a 3-phased process that provides non-U.S. companies seeking to enter the American marketplace with the information, strategy, tactics, relationships, and local management necessary to succeed.

The UCanUSA process includes:

Phase One - Preparation to Enter the Market

The most urgent task for a company contemplating entering the American marketplace is gaining a strategic understanding of the market so that the penetration strategy can be planned and developed based on critical, accurate information. UCanUSA's Phase One provides companies with the business intelligence necessary to engage in constructive decision making, as well as the analysis for planning, and the core themes of the company's American based marketing communications. Phase One provides the company with:

  • A Business Plan - featuring market data and analysis (market size, trends, & competitors), business strategy and business models, market and sales tactics, an operational blueprint, an analysis of risks, and a financial model. The business plan is a company's roadmap to entering and operating in the U.S. marketplace.
  • A Marketing Plan - featuring the complete marketing program for the company, including target markets, marketing strategies, marketing tactics, implementation schedules, and costs. The marketing plan is the foundation of the company's efforts to (a) raise awareness in targeted sectors about its products, (b) create market interest in its products, and (c) deliver its products to the marketplace.
  • A Presentation - the presentation is constructed to permit the company to gain access to and created interest among targeted prospective partners. The presentation is the company's calling-card and it is designed to demonstrate the company's professionalism and commitment to quality and excellence.
  • Corporate Identity - this includes (when necessary) a revision of the company's market appearance and can include adjustments to product names, company logo, company brochures and promotional materials, and other marketing communication devices the company may have.

Phase Two - Engage the Market & Begin Selling

Once the company has the information to identify the right prospective partners, has developed the strategy and tactics it will employ in the U.S. market, and has developed the tools it needs to communicate, it is ready to enter the market and begin the process that directly leads to sales. Phase Two provides the company with:

  • A Road Show - the identification of prospective high qualified partners and the arrangement of meetings and presentations to persuade the prospects to partner with the company in penetrating and growing a successful U.S. based market position.
  • Partnerships- the securing of partnerships, including sales channels, logistical support, operational support, and market enhancement.
  • Logistics - the construction of the systems and methods to be deployed by the company in order to maintain and grow its U.S. presence. These systems include the integration of technologies, partners, products, retailers, and end users. The task here is to integrate efficiencies that enable the maximization of profits.
  • Sales - the implementation of the company's sales campaign and the generation of initial sales, as well as the placement of the tools and apparatus to grow and expand sales.

Phase Three - Secure Market Gains and Grow Customer Base & Revenues

Once the company has established sales in the American market the challenge evolves from establishing sales to growing sales. The company achieves this growth by "pocketing" its initial achievements and moving forward rapidly to create new and compelling market events that expand the company's reach and drive increased sales. Phase three provides the company with:

  • Market Expansion - the analysis of new markets and the development of the strategies and tools needed to reach and secure these markets.
  • Channel Growth - the expansion of the company's distribution and sales channels to enable it to deliver its products to new markets.
  • New Targets - the conditioning of new targets, through marketing tactics, so that they are aware of, and interested in, the company's proposition and products.
  • Sales Expansion - the increase in sales through the successful penetration of new market segments.

UCanUSA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is UCanUSA the right firm to bring my company into the U.S. market?

The founders of UCanUSA have spent 16 years developing and refining the art of U.S. market penetration and we have created the processes that balance the need for a calculated, planned approach, with the desire for a low cost, fast, results oriented program. The founders of UCanUSA have demonstrated the effectiveness and efficiency of its methods, having served more than 115 non-U.S. companies to date.

Why does UCanUSA sell packages of services and why has it selected these specific services?

The service package was developed to impose discipline on our clients. The urge to move forward at great speed without acknowledging the need for intelligence, planning or partnerships is sometimes too great for companies to resist. By establish service packages we ensure that our clients are sticking to the process that has proven itself to be highly effective. The service package - in both its content and the order of phases - ensures that our clients move forward rapidly, but in a highly calculated and strategic manner. The services offered, therefore, provide the company with everything it needs by way of knowledge and market support exactly at the time needed.

What is the workflow process?

UCanUSA is used to working with companies remotely. Having worked with companies from Europe, Asia, Central and South America, the Middle East, and North America, the firm has developed the systems that allow it to communicate well with distant companies and move the process of U.S. market penetration forward in a rapid and structured way. The workflow process includes a face-to-face session with the company and the establishment of a communications and milestones timetable. This enables the clear and precise exchange of information and the fair and reasonable expectation of results. UCanUSA also, from time to time, presents the client with questionnaires and forms for completion, so that the firm has the information it needs to move the process forward.

How much does UCanUSA cost and how did the firm arrive at its prices?

UCanUSA charges $10,000 per phase plus 4% of U.S. sales for 4 years. Our fees are a reflection of our business philosophy. UCanUSA believes that financial reward must be an outcome of our performance. The fees we charge for each phase only serve to cover our costs. The opportunity we have to make money is only through the percentage of sales we are awarded - which we get to enjoy only after we have achieved success for our clients. This provides the firm with the incentive to continuously grow revenues, so that our income can also grow. We succeed only if we help you succeed. In our opinion, that's the only way it should be.

Is there any way to reduce costs?

Not really. UCanUSA has instituted efficiencies that allow us to charge the lowest possible fees, while delivering the highest quality of service. UCanUSA is interested in doing business with companies serious about entering the U.S. market. This requires the resources to engage the market. UCanUSA's fees are extremely reasonable, and the services offered are far more personalized and effective than those of larger firms charging much higher fees. Firm's charging less typically offer inferior service. UCanUSA's offer is designed to provide the greatest value.

Although the pricing policy is somewhat rigid, UCanUSA may assist companies, from time to time, by offering more comfortable payment schedules. Also reduced fees are sometimes available based on guaranteed volume (for example when the firm is hired by cooperatives or agencies).

What is the timeframe for execution and is there any way to reduce the timeframe?

UCanUSA commits to completing Phase One in 8 weeks, Phase Two in 8 weeks and Phase Three is on-going for six months. The timeframes listed suggest the maximum amount of time needed to perform the duties detailed in each phase. UCanUSA attempts to accelerate the process whenever possible and often does complete a phase before the allotted time has expired. However, UCanUSA will never accelerate a process at the expense of quality and always takes the time necessary to get the job done right.

Are the additional costs?

The costs quoted in this document are for UCanUSA's services only. There are a number of additional costs that companies should be aware of. These costs are generally outlined in detail in the marketing plan provided in Phase One and can include travel related costs, printing costs, website development costs, costs of samples and shipping of samples, and others. In addition to our fees we also bill companies for all travel undertaken at the client's specific request. Also, UCanUSA may, from time to time, handle the printing or materials or development of a website. The cost of these activities is covered by the client, although UCanUSA does not mark up or earn any fees for performing these services.

Must we sign on for all three phases?

UCanUSA does not compel the client to engage all three phases. The UCanUSA system is designed to provide clients with the ability to analyze its market prospects and performance prior to making additional commitments. With the exception of Phase One (which must be completed), clients are free to disengage from UCanUSA at any point in the process. However, clients should be aware that long term commitments (such as percentages of sales) may not cease immediately after a company elects to proceed alone.

Does UCanUSA specialize in any particular sector?

The founders of UCanUSA have 16 years experience in marketing non-U.S. enterprises in the United States. The company has worked with a wide variety of products and services during this time, including consumer products (foods, beverages, wines, clothing, furniture, electronics), industrial products (auto parts, agricultural devices, medical devices, machinery), technologies (software, telecommunications, robotics, pharmaceuticals), and services (real estate, financial services). UCanUSA has leveraged the experiences of dealing with such a wide array of sectors to establish fundamental business practices that transcend the idiosyncrasies of particular sectors and highlight the commonalities of business best practices.

What size companies does UCanUSA work with?

UCanUSA has worked with both small and large companies. The firm has provided services to publicly traded companies with billion-dollar-plus market capitalizations and to start up companies that have not yet made a sale. Most often UCanUSA works with small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

What are UCanUSA's relationships in the United States?

UCanUSA has access to a wide variety of distributors, wholesalers, added value resellers, retailers and other channels through which to secure the sale and distribution of goods and services. UCanUSA believes in matching the relationship to the market need (and not the reverse), meaning that we develop market relationships as needed. UCanUSA evaluates a company's needs and connects them to the U.S. based partners most likely to maximize a company's potential.

How do we sign up to for UCanUSA?

Just contact us and we'll be happy to assist you!

Contact UCanUSA now for more information or to begin your path to U.S. based operations.

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