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The Tudog Group News

Tudog Affiliate UCanUSA to Provide Services to Tabari Noni

Tudog’s affiliate UCanUSA, a unit focused on assisting non-U.S. based companies sell their products in the United States, has signed to promote Tabari Noni in the U.S.


The 100% pure, organic Noni juice is made in Costa Rica on the company’s 150 acre farm in the San Carlos region. The Noni juice is available both 100% pure and mixed with a variety of natural fruit juices.

Tabari Noni also offers additional Noni products, such as teas, soaps, shampoos and conditioners. Noni is recognized as a rich fruit with numerous medicinal benefits.

UCanUSA, a division of The Tudog Group, will provide Tabari Noni with strategic, marketing and sales support. “We believe in the health benefits of Noni”, said Ilan Sarid, Tudog’s Director of Sales. “We also recognize that the Tabari Noni products are the best Noni products available. This gives us a huge strategic advantage in the market”.

Tabari Noni sells its products in 13 countries globally. Their website is www.tabarinoni.com.