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3 Ps for the Big P

For the past few months my focus has been almost entirely on driving home the core elements of the Tudog business approach, which can essentially be summed up in the following equation:

Planning + Process + Procedure = Profits

Naturally under each category lie a number of critical components and factors, but we believe that subscribing to – and more importantly, committing to, the equation, allows for the incorporation of all the key ingredients for a successful, thriving and profitable company.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is the creation of ideas, processes, responses, systems and other business mechanisms to be deployed against certain market events that may occur. Inside planning includes branding and communications, market exposure, delivery on your promise, customer service, logistics, competitive responses, pricing policies and promotions, and every other facet of your organization that is dynamic – which in fact is every part of your organization. Without planning you are left immobile, or worse – stricken, when the inevitable changes occur. With planning you are able to not only handle change, but institute it, which makes you a market leader by virtue of your innovation, creativity and ability to change the rules of the game so that they serve to your benefit.

It's All in the Process

People seem to assign success to specific products or services, when in fact the success lies in the process. All products and services are conceived, developed and brought to market as a result of processes – like studying the market, trial and error, market response analysis, review and revision, and many others. These processes and the manner and dedication in which they are implemented lie at the core of the ability of your company to compete effectively. If you value your product over process you will be left behind as the market shifts and new, better and more compelling products hit the market. If you stick to the processes you developed in your planning and initial execution phases, you will be able move ahead of, or at the least, with the market, thereby protecting and growing your market share.

Procedure – Getting it Done

Procedure is the oil that keeps your organizational engine running. It is the way the steps you need to be taken to ensure implementation are actually carried out and executed. Without procedure vital steps get overlooked and parts of your organization fail to function as required in order for your company to meet its promise to its customers. By creating step-by-step implementation procedures you create the framework that guarantees that the company will fulfill its mandate on a consistent basis and in a conformed and highly structured manner. The establishment of procedure also serves to cut waste and save money as they are created with cost effectiveness and efficiencies in mind. Without procedure you are at the mercy of the memory, mood, concentration and good will of your employees. With procedure you are able to make their job easier, securing the good will you need to make the execution near perfect every time.

Profits – Gotta Love 'em

Let's face it; you're in this for the money. Sometimes it's not a polite thing to say. Sometimes it's not even entirely correct. Some companies have the luxury of operating in arenas where, as Howard Shultz of Starbucks once said, they can "do good while doing well". But "doing well" is the primary objective. Otherwise we all would have become nurses and doctors and teachers. We didn't. And that's because we elected to pursue profit.

So we're profit hounds. Maybe, if we follow the planning + process + procedure equation we can make more money, thereby giving us the resources to do more good. Think about it. In an organized manner…. of course.


Latest News

  • 21 March 2017, 01:43 Tudog Client Kaya Holdings Opens Third Store

    Kaya Shack, a Tudog client, has announced that it has opened its third marijuana dispensary. The dispensary is located in Salem, Oregon and is of the Company’s "superstore" model, allowing for concept innovations and a broadening of the Kaya Shack brand. Tudog’s Chairman, Craig Frank, serves as Kaya Holdings’ CEO. Kaya Holdings is the parent company of Kaya Shack.

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  • 23 January 2017, 01:42 Tudog Client Revolutionary Tracker Partners with Samsung

    Tudog is proud to announce that its client – Revolutionary Tracker – has secured a platform development agreement with Samsung. Revolutionary Tracker is a leading independent designer of advanced wearable computer equipment for special markets, such as children and the elderly.

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