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Latest News

  • 21 March 2017, 01:43 Tudog Client Kaya Holdings Opens Third Store

    Kaya Shack, a Tudog client, has announced that it has opened its third marijuana dispensary. The dispensary is located in Salem, Oregon and is of the Company’s "superstore" model, allowing for concept innovations and a broadening of the Kaya Shack brand. Tudog’s Chairman, Craig Frank, serves as Kaya Holdings’ CEO. Kaya Holdings is the parent company of Kaya Shack.

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  • 23 January 2017, 01:42 Tudog Client Revolutionary Tracker Partners with Samsung

    Tudog is proud to announce that its client – Revolutionary Tracker – has secured a platform development agreement with Samsung. Revolutionary Tracker is a leading independent designer of advanced wearable computer equipment for special markets, such as children and the elderly.

    Read More